3 types of Coaching . . .

The context for coaching is as important for growth and development as the environment is for plant-life. The coaching here is offered in 3 different formats. You get to choose the context that makes you feel the most comfortable, based on availablity.

Small Group

Extra-Small Group

Just You & Coach


Small Group Coaching

This coaching takes place in a group of 6 to 12 people, individuals who share a common experience with anxiety or worry. This small group context can offer a feeling of being a part of something bigger. It allows learning, without the requirement to be in the spotlight. It also provides a nice warm-up for the times you'll be meeting one-on-one with your coach (also included). Keep in mind, there may be a waiting list for this choice.

Extra-Small Group Coaching

This coaching takes place in groups of 2-3 and offers more peer support. Experiences can be shared more freely in this context. You can even bring along an anxious friend if you like. This coaching offers a deeper connection with peers, providing that feeling of acceptance we all crave. It can also provide a greater sense of belonging, which has been identified as our biggest emotional need, as say many psychologists. And you'll still get one-on-one time with your coach.

Individual Coaching

This coaching is just between you and your coach and can be done over the phone or in person. This is where the personal application of everything that is being learned throughout the week gains clarity as it applies to you personally and practically. Your coach will meet with you each week and also be there for you throughout the process, by skype, phone, text, or email.


Free Coaching Session...

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Please Note...

* All of the experiences represented on this website can be counted on as being true expressions coming from those having experienced, first-hand, the coaching offered here. Identities have been changed in respect to the individuals involved. None of the experiences should be taken as guarantees, nor should they be understood as being typical. Coaching is not therapy and is never a substitute for therapy. Coaching helps with the practical implementation of what is learned in therapy, as well as in developing habits in cognition, usually coupled with therapy, that can help one escape the patterns that can accelerate and spiral downward were they not interrupted. The coaching offered here should, therefore, be understood as a supplement to therapy, and not a replacement for it. We work with therapists here to identify symptoms that require therapy and we refuse to coach anyone so identified unless they are also seeing a licensed therapist or mental health professional, and that professional has given their approval for them to be coached by us.