Our Expectations Are . . .

Just Imagine . . .

What if you didn't really worry so much anymore? What if anxiety no longer dominated your life?  Helping you cope with worry is not our primary aim here. Our goals for you are much bigger than that. We want to help you kick worry and anxiety to the curb and feel freedom again! This doesn't mean you will never feel anxious ever again in your life, but it does mean anxiety could no longer have the control over you it does now and no longer take center stage.* How does that sound?



The Difference

Psychologist, Dr. Joseph Luciani,† in his practice in New Jersey, remembers trying different strategies with his anxious patients, guided by his intuition. He was having much success and couldn't quite put his finger on what was making the difference until one day he asked one of his patients to think of him as his coach. That's when he realized he had been incorporating practical coaching into his sessions. Coaching was what was making the difference.

The Application

Recognizing the difference between coaching and therapy, Dr. Luciani began to write books on how one might coach oneself in getting past anxiety, and even depression. Dr. Luciani overcame debilitating anxiety himself, and now helps others do the same. He is a therapist and still believes in therapy, but he now knows the power coaching can have in ultimately breaking chronic anxiety, allowing one to live in peace.



Our Experience

We've seen the power coaching can have with this unrelenting struggle. Working in tandem with therapy, coaching leads one in the practical application of principles that ultimately can bring debilitating anxiety to its knees. An eye-opening experience for some who thought they had tried everything. Yet, it has also been our experience that few anxiety sufferers seem able to self coach themselves initially. Anxiety can distort reality, making the transition difficult. Here's where the coaching offered here can make the difference.

Our Method

Through trial and error we have refined and simplified our method into a 3 phase process that involves 6 steps. We coach you through these steps; we don't just train or lecture you. This isn't a class. This isn't therapy. We're not just going to listen and nod our heads, nor say special words that make all this go away. This is coaching, meaning we are listening to you and learning from you as we guide you toward the more peaceful life you crave. We can't do this for you but we're also not just going to  teach and expect you to do the rest. We'll be in the trenches with you to help you succeed.



Our Goals

As stated on our main site, the inspiration for this coaching practice was born out of a time of pain and anguish. Finding help was difficult and few could be found willing to roll up their sleeves, jump in, and help. That's why we go the extra mile for you here. As long as you want help and are willing to do what it takes, we promise to give it our all to ensure you succeed. We aim for more than you being able to cope; we want you to find true serenity. BIG goals, yes, but honest ones. To learn more, just click the button below.


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Please Note...

* All of the experiences represented on this website can be counted on as being true expressions coming from those having experienced, first-hand, the coaching offered here. Identities have been changed in respect to the individuals involved. None of the experiences should be taken as guarantees, nor should they be understood as being typical. Coaching is not therapy and is never a substitute for therapy. Coaching helps with the practical implementation of what is learned in therapy, as well as in developing habits in cognition, usually coupled with therapy, that can help one escape the patterns that can accelerate and spiral downward were they not interrupted. The coaching offered here should, therefore, be understood as a supplement to therapy, and not a replacement for it. We work with therapists here to identify symptoms that require therapy and we refuse to coach anyone so identified unless they are also seeing a licensed therapist or mental health professional, and that professional has given their approval for them to be coached by us.

SerenityFind.org and Direction Connection are not affiliated with Dr. Luciani, nor his work. We mention Dr. Luciani because we feel his work has given much credibility to the powerful role coaching can play in the life of an anxiety sufferer, and for his influence in our coaching methodology. Dr. Luciani's work validates the positive experiences we've had with coaching and anxiety.