Maybe you've been dealing with this struggle for so long you can't imagine not dealing with it.  You've tried many things and haven't had much success. But again, this is coaching. Have you tried coaching?


Our coaching here comes in 3 different formats... small group, extra-small group, and one-on-one coaching. Everyone's different and so we give you a choice. And each includes one-on-one time.


Curious? Receive a free coaching and consultation session. Let us explain our process, answer your questions, and provide a taste of what our coaching here is like. Expereince it before deciding.

What We Do Here

Do you worry too much? Or worse, do you struggle with chronic anxiety, perhaps even panic attacks? Living in a world filled with dread and "what ifs" can be exhausting. If you came to this site you probably know all about the world of worry, firsthand.

You're not alone. Two out of ten teens and adults in the U.S. struggle with excessive worry or anxiety on a regular basis. And struggle they do. This is one monster that only seems to get more fierce when resisted.

If you've been in this fight for long, you're most likely weary of the struggle and hoping for relief. If so, you've come to the right place.

That's because we're not here just to help you cope. We want more than that for you. We want to lead you to freedom . . . to help you kick worry and anxiety to the curb! To help you find serenity.

This isn't therapy. It's something altogether different. It's coaching.



"Speaking for just myself, I have to say I was helped more in 30 minutes with this coach than in all my 30 years of therapy."


Free Coaching Session...

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Please Note...

* All of the experiences represented on this website can be counted on as being true expressions coming from those having experienced, first-hand, the coaching offered here. Identities have been changed in respect to the individuals involved. None of the experiences should be taken as guarantees, nor should they be understood as being typical. Coaching is not therapy and is never a substitute for therapy. Coaching helps with the practical implementation of what is learned in therapy, as well as in developing habits in cognition, usually coupled with therapy, that can help one escape the patterns that can accelerate and spiral downward were they not interrupted. The coaching offered here should, therefore, be understood as a supplement to therapy, and not a replacement for it. We work with therapists here to identify symptoms that require therapy and we refuse to coach anyone so identified unless they are also seeing a licensed therapist or mental health professional, and that professional has given their approval for them to be coached by us.